Number of new stores Jan – June 2016

    1. Serbia 620
    2. Latvia 280
    3. Romania 212
    4. Bulgaria 173

    Amazing number of new stores from the top 4 countries. Serbia with a population of 7 million on top with an amazing number of 620 new stores. Serbia now have a total of 1704 stores.
    Romania and Bulgaria are expanding all the time in a great way. Bulgaria now have 1414 stores and also 7 million inhabitants.
    An amazing result from Linda and Ronald in small Latvia with 2 million inhabitants. They did a great job and got 280 new stores. They have now close to 700 stores. Latvia have also employed one more sales merchandiser and they are now 5 sales merchandisers

    Italy did 120 new shops and have now a total of 4620 shops. Italy have placed a large number of new displays and products into existing shops to increase sales.

    South Africa did 100 new shops during Jan – June and did 25 new SPAR supermarkets in July and is coming. South Africa always place many racks/spinners in stores. In the enclosed files you can see pictures of a new SPAR supermarket with 5 spinners.

    Many other countries did also a great job and got around 100 new shops each

    It is not hard to get new shops, it is just to go out and visit them, the above countries are proofs of that it is possible to sign up many new shops. The potential is endless in all countries. To add more products into existing shops is easy.

    Small Cyprus with only 800.000 inhabitants did 98 new shops and they already had more than 1000 shops. To be able to grow more Cyprus have strengthen the team and they have now 7 employed sales merchandisers (all with vans of course) and 1 franchisee (with van) plus 1 manager for the sales team plus 1 Sales Manager.

    Some countries did not do so many new shops but there is time to change that.

    To be able to do that and grow you must have start packages (growth plans), and you and your team must start to go out and make many more visits to potential shops.

    Don’t forget the growth plans that you must send in latest August 15.