Never stop believing

  • Never stop believing

    Never stop believing

    We are almost finished with the annual conference in Gävle and we would like to thank you all for coming. We hope that you all enjoyed the conference and have lots of inspiration to motivate your teams and therefore continue the good work & progress in your territories. We have had very positive feedback from many MF’s and Franchisees and we thank you for this.

    We are herewith attaching photos of some of the countries that have been here. Please see the attached file.

    Don’t forget the following very important points from the conference:

    • Never stop believing in the concept, the products, yourself and your team!
    • Be a positive leader and inspire your team!
    • I can! (not I can´t)
    • Be an ambassador, get out of the comfort zone!
    • We are a family and everyone contributes to growth (we are all on the same boat together). Together we are strong!