Business format franchising
CardGroup with its unique market leading range of Greeting cards and gift products supplies 44 countries worldwide through its network of Master Franchisees
and Franchisees. We are expanding into many new markets every year worldwide and therefore we are looking for professional and motivated people who wish
to start their own business either as a Master Franchisee or as a local Franchisee.

We provide a complete Business Format Franchise System including training, operating manuals, intellectual property rights, know-how, signs, supervision, quality control and management resources to support our franchised network.

Aside from that, we have developed a unique system where we supply retailers with free display units and stock
of Greeting cards and gift products on a no-risk, free consignment basis where the retailers only pay for what they sell.

Whether you are considering setting up as a Master Franchisee or as a local Franchisee in any country, you can
be confident of an effective support package backed by a team of marketing, sales, administration, production
and design studio professionals.

At the same time CardGroup is investing in research and developing into new product areas that will provide immediate and yet lasting benefits which can be introduced through the network of shops.

An experienced Franchisor
CardGroup has been franchised since 1997 and the organization has a well structured and supported franchise system demonstrated by winning
the Swedish Franchise Associations Award for “The Franchise System of the Year 2005″. Our Management team has long experience from the Franchise
industry and CardGroup’s CEO Peter Hallström has been involved in franchising since 1976. Peter Hallström’s membership of franchise professional bodies are as follows:

  • EFF, European Franchise Federation, Board of Directors Policy Board (2009-2011)
  • Swedish Franchise Association, member election committee (2009-2011)
  • Swedish Franchise Association, member ethical committee (2008-)
  • CardGroup is a full member of the Swedish Franchise Association.

Ethical Franchising
CardGroup is following the European Code of Ethics for franchising elaborated by the European Franchise Federation (EFF).
The company group also follows each country´s national franchise associations adopted rules for ethical franchising.

In business for yourself, not by yourself
All the right decisions have already been made. The problems have been identified and resolved.
As a Franchisee in our system you will receive from the very start everything that has taken us many years to develop.

Your success is our success
In our franchise system each party benefits from the other.